Sunday, 4 November 2007

Raya @ Ranger's House

The geeks were invited to Ranger's house for a Raya makan after our hash on 27th Oct 2007. We did a light hash as there were only 4 of us as most people are either busy, outstation or ffk at the last minute. Henry, Ironman, Medic and Smokie are the only one whom made it that morning. Btw, Medic, where are the hash pix you took?

After the usual FRIM's Steriod Hills ride, we proceeded to Ampang for makan at Ranger's house. Delicious Kedah Laksa, Lemang, Rendang Chicken, Fried Kerepek, etc. was waiting for us there! Its was truly delicious and good plus generous Ranger keep feeding us with more stuff even after our meal as we are sitting down to chit chat.

Here are some fantastic and drooling photos of the yummies that the rest of you missed!

Thanks Ranger for inviting again!


Jack Hii said...

Wah... wish I was there!

micol said...

Thanks Ranger for the delicious Laksa & Rendang! hehe, love it!

Unknown said...

no worries.. glad that y'all came.

Seri Naga said...

Wah...! the food ....:p
Too bad I missed it.