Monday 26 November 2007

2nd Bukit Cermin Hash - 24 Nov 2007

Bukit Cermin Downhill Trails at EveryTrail

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It was a perfect day for cycling. The sky was cloudy, which was not bad considering it provided shades from the blazing sun. The fact that it did not rain the day before also heightened our anticipation that the trail was gonna be in good condition. Yes, it was indeed a perfect day for a good ride.

Almost all the geeks arrived at the foothill of Bukit Cermin by 8:00 am. Bukit Cermin veteran (2nd time) John aka Rooster and George aka Iron Man leads the way. The first kilometer was uphill all the way until we reached the 2nd tower (DIGI) located near an Indian Temple. Overall, the uphill ride (or push) was tolerable because the trail was in good condition and that some part of it cement/tar trail.

It was uphill all the way in beginning.

I must admit, initially I was kinda disappointed with the trail as it did not look scenic at the beginning, and I personally do not like to ride on a cement trail. No kick! However, after we passed by the DIGI tower, things began to look more optimistic. Immediately after the DIGI tower, we were greeted by a 6-7 feet downhill slope. Now this was more of my kinda liking. The trail now consisted of off-road trail surrounded by rubber trees.

The first deep slope attempted by John.

There were a few forks and turns, and we all decided to explore the trail but all leading to dead ends. The trails here kinda reminded me of the Bukit Kiara trails. Heaps of single tracks and all surrounded by rubber trees. Even the smell was like Bukit Kiara with the stinking latex smell. But of course we were lucky as it didn't rained the day before and so no mozzies sucking out our precious blood. So we all decided to turn and follow back the trail which Iron Man and Rooster went on their first hash about a month ago.

The trail here looked like Kiara and even smells like Kiara.

On our way back, we managed to bumped into 2 fellow riders. One of them was Hisham, the person who created most of the downhill trails here in Bukit Cermin. It was at this point that Hisham showed us the way to the downhill trails.... Sweet!

Hisham - This dude was the one who created the trails here. RESPECT!

Hisham took us through the remaining of the trails consisting of a lot of steep downhill rides, which can be a bit technical for newbies like us. However, Hisham's effortless decent down these trails gave some of us a boost of confidence to tackle these steep downhill ride. There have been a few accidents or near-accidents during this ride. One was Iron Man's near-fall but he saved himself by hugging on to a tree (Hindustan film style). See video below.

Iron Man - A romantic moment with the Rubber Tree.

There was also a wooden ramp made by Hisham and his friends. Seri Naga aka 5K decided to give it a try at jumping off the ramp. After summoning all his courage, he made 3 attempts but …. CHICKENED OUT each time when he was about to reach the ramp. Heh… heh…!

Seri Naga - Chickened out in the last minute.

After the ramp, we all come across a wooden bridge. Looked easy enough to cross and Rooster was the first geek to try to cross it. Unlike Iron Man, who was lucky enough to be saved by hugging on to a rubber tree, our dear John (Rooster) was not so lucky and fell almost 7-10 feet down the gorge. Luckily he was unhurt. Apparently he tried to cling on to a tree when he fell but could not reach it. This incident made the other geeks more cautious when crossing the bridge and we all decided to push our bikes instead of riding over it.

John - After the fall.

After the bridge, there was some cool downhill rides all the way until the end when we caught up with the 2 downhill dudes. One of them was Apai and he was kind enough to demonstrate to us on how to jump a steep slope. His first attempt was successful but Apai was not satisfied and decided to go for a 2nd attempt. This time he went too fast and lost control of his bike and crashed into a tree. The crash was quite hard and it knocked Apai out for a few seconds. Luckily no serious injuries (that was what we all thought) and he was back on his feet after 10-15 minutes or so.

Apai first jump attempt.
Apai almost knock out after hitting the tree.

Apai - Almost knocked out after a head-on collision with a tree.
While Apai was catching his breath he let us try out his downhill bike (at least RM10K). Seri Naga gave it a try (3 tries to be exact) and it was totally awesome. Jumping from a downhill bike definitely felt a lot more different and you get more control on the bike due to its weight and handle bar size.

Overall, Bukit cermin was a great ride. The uphill was not that hard and ridable for a fit rider. The downhills were a bit steep and it is advisable, to be handled by a relatively experience rider. This trail was an alternative to Kiara, which may be too technical and crowded on the weekends. Bukit Cermin is a must for downhill enthusiast!

Videos and Photos
Here are some statistics:

Duration: 2 hours, 48 minutes

Length: 3.8 km

Vertical up: 413.4 m

Vertical down: 423.9 m

Average speed: 1.4 km/h

The Uninjured Geeks who survived this ride:
  • George
  • Weng Hoe
  • John
  • Edwin
  • Henry
  • Seri Naga

Thursday 15 November 2007

Air Keroh Bike Hash

Melaka Hash at Air Keroh at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail: GPS Travel Community

Wanting to explore a bike hash location adjacent to Puteri Resort Air Keroh, our journey begins at 7.00am from Kuala Lumpur. We arrive at Melaka town at about 9.00am for a quick breakfast before reaching our bike hash location at 9.30am.

All set to go in speedy 10 mins preparation before we discover a puncture in George's bike back wheel. Luckily we have our Gunner Jack who has most experience in changing the tubes to the rescue (he's changed many times on his bike...) . Entering the hash site requires us to pass through some undeveloped bungalow land plots and a small opening among the rubber trees brings us to a mozzie war zone!

We hope to take some pictures during our hash but the mozzies were the king of the territory there. Mostly the trail is very ridable with challenging mud puddles, uphills and downhills along the way. Being adventurous, we tried to wander to discover some of the uncharted waters which brings us to a discovery of an alternative entrance.

Overall a great and enjoyable ride and view where the terrain is not too extreme and well suited for a bike hash.

Videos and Photos

Here are some statistics:

Duration: 2 hours, 18 minutes, 25 seconds

Length: 11.8 km

Vertical up: 530.2 m

Vertical down:
521 m

Average speed:
5.1 km/h

Top speed: 41.1 km/h

The Satisfied Geeks!

  • Joe
  • George
  • Jack
  • Friday 9 November 2007

    Bukit Cermin in Putra Heights


    Mountain Biking in Bukit Cermin, Putra Heights at EveryTrail

    Map created by EveryTrail: GPS, Photos & Geotagging!

    This is the geeks' first trip to Bukit Cermin. Recommended by a bike shop owner, we decided to explore the trails there. The Bukit Cermin trails are along palm oil/rubber estate roads and some single track downhills.

    Mosquito repellent is a MUST there! These mozzies attack in swarms!!!! You can literally see the swarm chasing after you.

    In spite of the mosquitoes, it is definitely worth many revisits! But I dun think I will do it during a rainy day again unless you are into mud pies... LOL.

    Videos and Photos:
    Duration:1 hours, 42 minutes

    6.8 km

    Vertical up:
    479.7 m

    Vertical down:
    485 m

    Average speed:4 km/h

    Top Speed:
    41.9 km/h

    The rain soaked geeks:
    • George
    • John
    • Jack

    Monday 5 November 2007

    Return to Batu Dam

    This time the hash was made in reverse and it really made the ride pleasant and enjoyable! Everyone had a good work out and I had a nice puncture... :-)

    Videos and Photos:

    18.6 km

    Top Speed:
    53.4 km/h

    The Stoned Geeks:
    • George
    • Azril
    • Izani
    • Henry
    • Naga
    • Micol
    • Ken Wei
    • John
    • Jack
    • Edwin

    Sunday 4 November 2007

    Raya @ Ranger's House

    The geeks were invited to Ranger's house for a Raya makan after our hash on 27th Oct 2007. We did a light hash as there were only 4 of us as most people are either busy, outstation or ffk at the last minute. Henry, Ironman, Medic and Smokie are the only one whom made it that morning. Btw, Medic, where are the hash pix you took?

    After the usual FRIM's Steriod Hills ride, we proceeded to Ampang for makan at Ranger's house. Delicious Kedah Laksa, Lemang, Rendang Chicken, Fried Kerepek, etc. was waiting for us there! Its was truly delicious and good plus generous Ranger keep feeding us with more stuff even after our meal as we are sitting down to chit chat.

    Here are some fantastic and drooling photos of the yummies that the rest of you missed!

    Thanks Ranger for inviting again!