Saturday 18 October 2008

KL Downtown 2008 Urban Downhill

Today, I took the kids to watch the practice run of the KL Downtown mountain bike urban downhill race held in Bukit Komanwel Park and Stadium. There were 100 plus riders from various parts of the world competing in the race. If I am not mistaken, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia riders outnumber the rest.

Although I did not managed to see them, the main attraction were of course Santa Cruz Syndicate's Steve Peat (7 years Reigning King of Red Bull Downtown Portugal), Josh Bryceland (2008 Junior World Champ) and Cedric Gracia of Commencal Oakley.

I did however managed to catch Aaron on his spanking new bike. Good luck Aaron! I hope you kick everyone's ass in the Men Junior category! I could not find one of the geeks participating in the race, Ian Foo. I heard one of his wheels gave out on him during the practice run.

Aaron on the left.

The categories of the race are:

1. Men Elite (Professional and Current National or State Rider)
2. Men Open (18 years old and above)
3. Women Open (18 years old and above)
4. Men Master (30 years old and above)
5. Men Junior (17 years old and below)

Also, there were a lot of very nice and cool bikes!!! These are favourtites...

All in all, the air at the race location were festive and my kids just loved it!

My kids at finish line section waiting for the riders to fly down the stairs!

Monday 13 October 2008

Elmina - Saujana Trail Again!

A group photo of the geeks at Elmina-Saujana trails just after the tunnel!
Standing from right to left : Jovey, Tan, Irwan, Vincent, Sean, Bobby, Paul, Eric, Frank, Terese, Karen, Eric, Kiat, Lam, Sean
Squatting from right to left : Ian, Jack, Henry, Joe, Naga, Ian's GF, Sarah

(click on the pic for a larger picture)

Jovey on his spanking brand new Santa Cruz.

Before the ride Joe was struggling to adjust the seat post.

Joe took the hammer to the seat post and it looked like the seat post won... LOL.

The geeks on the Elmina trails.

A glimpse of the trails in Elmina.

Some Photos: