Thursday 15 November 2007

Air Keroh Bike Hash

Melaka Hash at Air Keroh at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail: GPS Travel Community

Wanting to explore a bike hash location adjacent to Puteri Resort Air Keroh, our journey begins at 7.00am from Kuala Lumpur. We arrive at Melaka town at about 9.00am for a quick breakfast before reaching our bike hash location at 9.30am.

All set to go in speedy 10 mins preparation before we discover a puncture in George's bike back wheel. Luckily we have our Gunner Jack who has most experience in changing the tubes to the rescue (he's changed many times on his bike...) . Entering the hash site requires us to pass through some undeveloped bungalow land plots and a small opening among the rubber trees brings us to a mozzie war zone!

We hope to take some pictures during our hash but the mozzies were the king of the territory there. Mostly the trail is very ridable with challenging mud puddles, uphills and downhills along the way. Being adventurous, we tried to wander to discover some of the uncharted waters which brings us to a discovery of an alternative entrance.

Overall a great and enjoyable ride and view where the terrain is not too extreme and well suited for a bike hash.

Videos and Photos

Here are some statistics:

Duration: 2 hours, 18 minutes, 25 seconds

Length: 11.8 km

Vertical up: 530.2 m

Vertical down:
521 m

Average speed:
5.1 km/h

Top speed: 41.1 km/h

The Satisfied Geeks!

  • Joe
  • George
  • Jack
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