Saturday 21 June 2008

Solo trekking Saturday 21062008 - Klang Gates Dam

Its been many years since I last been here. It felt so good making the comeback and to find that the nature are indeed very well preserved.

About the track... It used to be the Malaysian Marlboro Adventure Team training track. A geologist friend of mind told me that its the longest Lime stone ridge in Asia. If you are driving thru MRR2 heading towards Gombak from Sg Besi, look to the right when passing Tmn Melawati.. you'll see the range of limestone. The track actually started from the entrance to the Klang gate dam and all the way to near UIA Gombak toll... on the ridge all the way.

When walking on top of it, the beauty is that when you look to your right you see a beautiful nature and when you look to your left its stone developments... in a clear day you can see KLCC...

Didn't bring my camera. These are taken from my N82...

The vegetation on top here are also different. there many of this tree that smells like parafin. A good smell. Some of the herbal insect repellent smells like it. If you camp near these trees definitely no mozzies... :-)

All I can say this place is really beautiful. The entire track will take about 4 hours to complete. Its like a big round. After done we can take a dip here..... very nice and cool


On top here if you are lucky you'll bum into hollow rocks with crystals inside.

Hopefully one day we can all come here. Bring along a picnic basket he he he...
Will try to put in the map later.

Other pics taken are here: