Sunday, 5 August 2007

A Cicak, An Incident and A Few Good Men

Location:Sofia Jane, Kg. Kemensah


On this Sofia Jane hash, we had invited Peng Nam the Cicak to joined us. This was his first time going on an MTB hash. Actually, Cicak was "tricked" into going on this hash... LOL.

He had thought that we were going jungle trekking, that is, until he saw my mountain bike at the back of my pickup... LOL... I met up with Cicak and George at Joe's house to borrow Joe's bike for Cicak the King Scout to use on the hash... :-)

We took off from Joe's house at about 8:00am and left for the rendezvous point in front of Zoo Negara.

That morning in the rush, George had forgotten to bring along his helmet. It's always like that... the thing that you really needed the most that day, you forget to bring... LOL

We met up with Azril and Izaini in front of the Zoo and drove up together to meet Henry and Sri Naga further up on the way to Kemensah Heights.

The hash was only 4.5km long with minor hill climbs and downhills. As usual, potholes and crevices on the trail, made the climb and the downhill difficult and slow.

Overall the trail was wet and muddy. We won't have it any other way... :-)

Our objective was to reach the Sofia Jane Waterfall. The reason the trail and waterfall was called Sofia Jane, was because she shot a film there. At least that was what the local said. Anyway, Henry and Sri Naga had cycled along this trail before and they were quite familar with the condition of the trail.

Cicak the King Scout was severely out of shape... LOL. We had to make several stops to let him catch his breaths as we made our way up the trail. At one point, it was just him and me, with the rest of the guys way ahead... LOL... Heck, we never left anyone behind and we were not going to start... :)

Before long, we reached a clearing with a fork in the trail. One leading to the waterfall and the other to Ulu Langat. Sri Naga and Henry warned us that it was better if we left our bikes and trekked down to the falls, which was only about 1 km away. But the warning came a tad late as Azril the Ranger and Izaini the Hulk had left and cycled down to the waterfall... ouch!!!

The trail leading to the waterfall was really bad. There was no way to cycle all the way down. In any case, we reached the waterfalls and some of the guys decided to take a dip in the icy cold stream.

One thing lead to another, Cicak slipped and fell while holding on to Iron Man's camera to take a photo of something. Next thing you know, Iron Man got up from his dip in the stream to go help Cicak (or to save his camera... LOL). He contemplated whether to crawl or walk over to Cicak. He decided the latter and paid for it in BLOOD!!!

I had not been paying attention to what was going on. I had been trying to get a GPS fix on my phone to take some geotagged photos. Next thing I knew, I heard the guys calling me and I looked up to see George holding one hand to the back of his head with blood trickling down the side of his head down his neck.

I went over and took a look at the 1 and a half inch gash at the back of Iron Man's head. The bleeding was pretty bad. The first thing I thought of was to stop the bleeding. I struggled to open my backpack to look for the first aid kit, and found only some spare tires and a spanner. (I had thought that John had passed me everything we bought for just such an emergency during the Lata Kijang hash.) Meanwhile, Henry had brought out his first aid kit and Cicak helped to dispense the bandages. I cleaned the wound as best I could and Henry then poured a powdery substance, which Henry said was some Chinese medicine that will stop bleeding. I held the hair away from the wound so that Henry could apply the powder.

After applying the powder, I placed the bandages on top of the wound and we used Henry's bandanna to tie around Iron Man's head. Just then Azril the ranger came up from below the waterfalls and was shocked to find us surrounding George.

Very quickly, Azril took out his wonder drug, the cigarette... LOL, and applied it to George's wound and George to hold on to it until the bleeding stopped. As soon as the bleeding stopped, we tied the bandanna tightly around George's head again. Btw, he looked really cool!!! Like Rambo only... LOL...

True to his nick, the Iron Man felt better and we left the waterfall to trek out. The downhill back along the trail was totally amazing. Common sense dictated that we slowed down, foolhardiness prevailed and it was an adrenaline filled downhill for me... LOL.

The Iron Man was the first out of the trail. He was already ready with his camera taking picture of all the geeks coming out.

We then adjourned to our cars, packed up and went to a place for rojak and cendol... LOL...

After the postmortem, I took George and Peng Nam to look for a clinic... we went through 3 clinics in the Ampang area (all of which were either closed or the doctors were taking a "siesta" and unavailable ) before deciding to go to a clinic in front of Bukit Bintang Plaza on top of KFC. Turns out to be an excellent choice.

The treatment of George the Iron Man is well documented in several videos. Some of you squeamish type might want to avoid watching those videos... LOL.

Have you ever heard an Iron Man scream before?

Total Distance Traveled:
4.5 km

Top Speed:
29.2 km/h (Anyone else recorded better than this for this trip?)

Videos and GPS Embedded Photos:
A Few Good Men and A Cicak:


Anonymous said...

haiyo jack... why you tell everyone the truth that I was trying to save my camera and not cicak? Now cicak no longer feel bad... hahaha

Jack Hii said...

HAhahaha... I hope I did not disrupt your daily dose of "Thank you" from Cicak... LOL...

Promotional said...

Hey nice little story about your camera .. haha..lovely incident with small accident