Saturday, 11 August 2007

FRIM - The Rover and The Steriod

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong.


With Sri Naga's past experience in FRIM, this hash was more organised... meaning we knew where to go, supposedly... LOL.

This time around, we had Sri Naga, Daniel, Chris, Kevin, Joe and myself. Also, there were no tire puncture and no Astronomy 101 lessons... LOL..

Chris and Kevin were totally newbies to off-road hashing on mountain bikes.... so this was their first time getting a pounding on their ass... :-D As Kevin was a rally driver, he was no stranger to off-road racing and physically more fit. Chris was out of shape and will need a few more hashes like this to get him into gear... LOL...

The hash was made up of some very memorable uphills and downhills. The initial long uphill stretch in the Rover Trail was a surprise for a number of us. We had to push part of the way up, as the pace was not set correctly.

The second uphill, noted as the Steroid climb, was much more steeper but not as long as the uphill in the beginning of the trails. With proper pacing, one can easily take the uphill without any problem.

I wished my bike had full suspension during the downhill... LOL.. The downhill trail was rocky with hardened clay making my bike bounced all over the place... HAhaha... I could not go full speed without losing control of my bike... LOL...

All in all, it was an excellent ride without any injury or breakdown. And as usual, right after a good ride, you are left wanting more... right or not Naga? LOL...

Total Distance Traveled:
13.7 km

Top Speed:
45.0 km/h (Anyone else recorded better than this for this trip?)

Videos and GPS Embedded Photos:

Pumped with Steriods :
  • Chris
  • Daniel (The Bull)
  • Jack (The Scribe)
  • Joe (The Oracle)
  • Kevin
  • Sri Naga (5K)


Seri Naga said...

Overall was a good ride. But of course I was disappointed with Rover trailed going to be made into a tar road. All the rock gardens are gone so riding downhill in it will have loss it's kick.

FRIM has lost it's appeal to me right now. Sigh...!

Right now my legs are itching for another Hash. So where to next week guys?

Jack Hii said...

I am for what you suggested... Klang Gate... :-)

Unknown said...

The three wheeled bike was very unusual and interesting I usually only ride men's road bikes but to each his own.

AtvMinibike said...

Great post! I’m a female adrenaline junkie in a male dominated world too! Got my first taste for going fast earlier this year and haven’t looked back, dreaming of affording my own fast car soon - I want to buy the porsche where I got my first taste of speed!