Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Lata Kijang and the Eleven Wild Geeks

Lata Kijang, Negri Sembilan


This hash was relatively easy with some minor climbs and downhills. More than half of the trail was on tarmac than off-road. The primary objective of the hash was to reach the campsite, and for those who wanted to, could take the rest of the way to the Lata Kijang falls.

Overall, I find the trail not particularly challenging and left most of us wanting more... :-) This trail is excellent for first timers though. In any case, if you love cycling, you should give this trail a try.

Btw, the scenery was beautiful and the "orang kampung" very friendly. If not for the lorries and 4WD using the road, the place was extremely quiet and pristine.

Total Distance Traveled:
24.1 km

Top Speed:
49.2 km (Anyone else recorded better than this for this trip?)

Trail Information:

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The Eleven Geeks who went Wild:

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