Sunday 23 December 2007

Bukit Mahkota Trail in Kajang

Bukit Mahkota Trail in Kajang at EveryTrail

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Basically a nice non-technical Oil Palm Estate trail with minor climbs and nice long downhills! There are several natural jump points that can be improved. But since this is a private estate, not a good idea to start modifying. Very strange, there were hardly any mosquitoes! LOL.

Trip Stats:

1 hour, 43 minutes
Length: 6.9 km
Vertical up: 436.9 m
Vertical down: 429.2 m
Average speed: 4 km/h


The Geeks:

  • Sri Naga
  • Joe
  • Jack

1 comment:

Seri Naga said...

A potential Wildgeeks trail. But of course we should maybe ask permission from the landowner if we were to build any jumps or ramps there.