Sunday, 22 July 2007

Bike Review - Malaysia's very own hybrid 3 seaters

We have heard of tandem bikes and its problem, but a Malaysian inventor have just came out with a hybrid 3 seater bike! This bike only requires 1 person to pedal and control the bike while the rest (one in front and one at the back) are purely passenger.

To make riding easy, its designed to be a single speed bike, plus an additional modern design carriage basket in front. It features 2 saddles for comfort riding will the third seat is a smart 2-in-1 concept seat, meaning it can be used as a seat, as well as additional storage.

As the bike is meant for 3 passengers, it is not expected to travel at high speed, therefore no disc brakes are required and this will definitely help make the bike available to family of all levels in world. Wheel size have also been reduced to make it more economical to replace and maintain.

The head of R&D, Mr.Tang tells us that this bike model will be marketed as J3000 and will be available sometime next year as the prototype are still being tested at its R&D facilities in an undisclosed location somewhere in Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur.

Below is a pix of the current prototype and we can't wait to see it on the road.


Anonymous said...

...this innovative design is patent pending! ;-)

Jack Hii said...

Hmmm... this anonymous post sounds exactly like... him... LOL

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