Friday, 20 July 2007

Batu Dam - Part 3 - Leeches, Bikers and a Cold Hard Trail

NOTE: A lot of our videos have been deleted when Google Video died!!! So some of the text may not make sense.

After riding through the Cempedak and Rambutan orchard, Azril and I caught up with the rest of the geeks.

We caught them frolicking in the sun along the "river".... LOL. Ok... ok... it was not exactly a river but one of the many mountain streams feeding the dam. In any case, we shall refer to it as the "river" for effect sake... :-) Check out the location on Google Earth and photo here.

The river was our second obstacle which would require any half ass mountain bikers worth their grain in salt to at least attempt to ride across. We were worth... less... hahahaha. It was kind of pathetic but this "river" crossing was a first for almost all of us newbies... LOL. And of course, that spelt FUN!!!

What we did next was quite remarkable. We had to plan and decide how we were going to shoot videos of the crossing instead of planning on how we wanted to overcome the crossing... LOL. In the end, we just did it!!!!

And what a sight to behold!!! You have to check out the next video to appreciate our ingenuity... LOL.

After everyone had crossed over, Azril, in the true spirit of mountain biking, decided to tackle the "river" again... Did he make it this time around? LOL...

While everyone was checking on their bike, there was something about the bamboo trees surrounding us that reminded us of someone... :-)

When we finally went on our way again, it was a grueling uphill ride through some house and orchards.

I had to stop to catch my breath, as well as to shoot some videos and take some GPS photos to document this part if the journey. What better place to stop than in an orchard surrounded by "cempedak" and durian trees.

As George arrived and while waiting for him to catch his breath, I showed him the "fruits" of my labour... LOL...

Our next stop was at a trail fork. We had to decide whether to take the left or the right trails. After referring to the GPS, we decided to take the right trails. (Later we found out that if we had taken the left trail, our journey would have been much more difficult and longer.)

This next segment of the trail was hilly, muddy and narrow. The surface of the trail was "groovy", as in lined with "longkang"... LOL. If you were to take a cross-section of the trail you will get multiple letters of "W". Looked like someone went through the trail with a dirt bike digging deep into the surface.

In the end we were rewarded with a beautiful icy cold stream to wash our bike and chill out!

It was very tempting to stay on by the stream, but we had to move on. In this next video, we can see how strong man George carried his bike across and up the other side of the stream.. show off... hahaha.

The third obstacle we came across was a tree that had fallen over and across the trail. It was no biggie, as we all made it through without any incident. That is if your mind don;t get carry away... :-)

By now we had climbed up quite a bit into the hilly part of the trail. We started to see leeches and giant ants.

To be continued in:
Leeches, Bikers and a Cold Hard Trail - Part 4

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