Sunday, 24 June 2007

Crouching Mosquitoes and Hidden Trails - Part 1

NOTE: A lot of our videos have been deleted when Google Video died!!! So some of the text may not make sense.

This was it... the first real adventure of The Wild Geeks Adventure Club. I will leave all the writing to George and Daniel, and merely post what I documented in pictures and video.

First of all, a little background on where we were at. The cycling trail was located at the Rubber Research Institute (RRI), somewhere in between Subang and Sungai Buloh. Apparently RRI is a very famous and well-known place for cyclist.

Video - RRI - Start of the Trail

Video - RRI - George "Hiau"

Video - RRI - Rough Riding in the Pocket

Video - RRI - Out of the Pocket and into the Sun

Video - RRI - Bearings and Directions

- Continue in Part 2

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cupnoodles said...

Video - RRI - Rough Riding in the Pocket

Hahaha... lucky put a title on the video... otherwise it definitely sounds like something else... which I am not interested btw :P