Tuesday 16 October 2007

Sg. Pening Pening - Dizzy River?

Sg. Pening Pening, Kajang.


A really fantastic ride in Sg. Pening Pening with many climbs and long extensive downhills. Definitely must return there!

Ouch! Henry displaying his injuries after he crashed and landed on his chest and arms. That's gonna take at least a week to recover!

Total Distance Traveled:
15.12 km

Top Speed:
44.5 km/h

Videos and GPS Embedded Photos:
The "Pening" Geeks:
  • Henry
  • Sri Naga
  • Edwin
  • Jack

1 comment:

Seri Naga said...

Definately a good trail with lot'sa possibilty to explore more. Just have to make sure we bring more water as it can be quite long.