Thursday 13 September 2007

Lubuk Tedung - Kuala Sleh Ride

Lubuk Tedung – Kuala Sleh

A call to one mountain biker acquaintance, Mr Zaidi (aka Mr Beskal) and what do you know me and Henry got an invitation to cycle to Lubuk Tedung / Kuala Sleh. I have no idea where this place is but Zaidi told us to wait at Zoo Negara entrance at 8pm. Apparently there is this forum ‘Jom Kayuh’ and someone is organizing a ride there.

We arrived at the Zoo Negara entrance around 8 am and met up with Rahmat who will be the hare for today’s ride. We were joined by another 10 riders later and we started cycling around 8.45am toward Kampung Kemensah.

To summarize the intensity of the ride, I would rate this the toughest trail I have ever encountered. The beginning of the trail consist of a lot of steep climbs and the trail condition is full of gutters and muddy pits. So one must expect to come of out this trail with mud stuck on the wheels. I would say at least 35% of the ride consist of pushing due to the trail conditions. One fellow rider, Ong from Fakawi Tribe teach me and Henry some trail maintenance by digging a drain to drain out water from the mud puddle. Not that fun riding with too much water splashing your eyes :-)

However the ride was worth it considering the scenic jungle scene with tall forest canopy providing the cooling shade. On the middle of the trail we rest at a place with a big tree (N 03°15.109’ , E 101°47.749’).

The other half of the ride is much easier with some good down hills which some can be quite technical. We have a few fall and it was probably in one of this fall Henry lost his speedometer. There are at least 3 stream crossing that we have to make before we reach a river which I think is call Sg Sleh. A very scenic river , deep enough to dive into and the surrounding area is suitable for camping.

After a good rest in the scenic river, we try to check out an old railway track but the trail leading there has been overgrown and not accessible by bikes so we turned back and rode all the way back from where we started.

Overall I would rate this the best and hardest trail I have ever been to. We started our ride around 8.45am and only reach back to civilization around 3 pm. This is also my longest ride so far. This trail is well worth the effort but I won’t recommend this trail for newbie as it’s very tough. To rate it in terms of difficulty, I would say it’s like riding Steriod hill in FRIM 3 times.

Total Distance Traveled:
Unknown but estimate to be around 15-20km back and forth.
(Henry lost his odometer while my GPS can’t receive the signal in the thick forest canopy)

Top Speed:

Two very worn out wildgeeks:

  • Henry
  • Seri Naga
  • and 10 other riders from Jom Kayuh forum


Jack Hii said...

Yo Naga... sorry man... I need to change the colour of the text to black... I cannot read green text... HAHHAHA... very old liao... eyes not as good as before. Btw... nice post!

Anonymous said...

cool wide man naga & henry, great post too!